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Prince Georges County Double Play Home Buying Assistance Program

How Prince Georges County’s Double Play & TriplePlay Works For You

Double Play and Triple Play in Prince George’s County new home purchase program for those wishing to purchase a home in PG County.  The programs, when used correctly, canresult in up to $20,000 in down payment assistance, reduced interest rates and valuable federal income tax credits under the Triple Play Program. Under Double Play, which replaced Triple Play in March, 2015, the incentives are based on a $5,000 down payment loan, reduced administrative fees and reduced interest rates.

There are basic requirements in addition to the full qualifications:

  • You will need a real estate agent in order to help you with the buying process in general and in finding a qualifying property. We run free weekday and Saturday morning workshops that have information available on the program. Our first time home buyer specialist agents are at the workshops — it is an informational, low pressure environment where you can meet, get your basic questions answered and connect with a real estate professional who can help you navigate this and other programs.
  • You will need a lender who can help confirm your basic eligibility and will assist in meeting other basic requirements.
  • You will need to have your basic eligibility checked for the program – being ‘eligible’ does not guarantee your approval. There are still general home buying requirements such as income, credit worthiness and employment that everyone must match up to.
  • You will need to complete an authorized Homebuyer Education Class by the state of Maryland or a range of community organizations.

Our Role in these Financing Programs and how we help you:

  • Our firm is a private DC & MD real estate brokerage based in the U Street Corridor. We are just over the border in DC. Our firm is a team real estate agents who love helping first time homebuyers, new County residents & those wishing to purchase in DC or PG County.
  • It costs you no cash up front to use our Agents & expertise; if you find a home and qualify, we are paid a commission on the transaction just like any other real estate agent.
  • Our agents are fully trained in Double Play and Triple Play as well as other area programs like My Home & My Home II in Prince Georges County. Plus, if you do not initially qualify for Triple Play or My Home, we can still potentially help you. There are other privately offered financing programs and assistance that help make homebuying easy.

Want to get more information on Double Play or My Home in a low pressure, interactive environment?

We offer free homebuyer workshops on weekends, and sometimes during the week after work. During times when no homebuyer workshops are on the schedule, our agents are happy to meet with you one-on-one in person or via phone and email. Our current schedule is on our Facebook page or just email us at for more info.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions – we are here to help you!